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Raspberry Pi Pico Intelligently Warms Your Butt | Tom’s Hardware

We have a lot raspberry pi I’ve seen projects that just warm your bones, but this is the first one that aims to warm your butt.manufacturer and developer Alan 43as he is known above, huckstergot fed up with the chilly effects that come with cold weather and tried to address the problem by developing a solution using the Raspberry Pi Pico.Here is the final result A cushion that warms the buttocks with pico power It uses ChatGPT and web crawling to determine the weather and heats the rear end accordingly.

Sure, you can buy a heater and turn it on when it gets cold, but for many manufacturers it’s much more fun to create a system that does something for you. In Alan’s case, he always complained that his butt looked cold. The obvious solution was to harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate a system that sets your bum to a comfortable temperature.

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