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Raspberry Pi Pico Tamagotchi is The Perfect Virtual Pal

Whether you grew up in the 90s or not, you know Tamagotchi, the popular pocket-sized virtual pet platform. These battery-powered devices leave digital creatures in your care and expect you to play, feed, and clean up after them. Even now, Tamagotchi and corresponding Digimon are sold in the market. But his robotics buff Kevin McAleer went one step further and created his own robot from scratch using our favorite microcontroller. raspberry pi pico. His custom creations are officially ” Picotamachibi.

According to Kevin, the name is derived from several words. Pico comes from Raspberry Pi Pico which controls the behavior. “Tama” is taken from Tamagotchi, and “Chibi” is taken from the Japanese word “chibi-chara” or “little character”. Kevin explains that this custom Pico pet of his was programmed using his MicroPython.

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