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Raspberry Pi Project Detects and Recognizes Bird Calls

Have you ever wondered what kind of bird chirping so sweetly or what kind of feathered creature chirping like a laser gun while you’re relaxing in your garden? raspberry pi The project answers that question! Jumpin_jon of Reddit uses a Raspberry Pi to listen to music. bird chirping Additionally, you can use an open-source tool called BirdNET-Pi to recognize what kind of bird it is.

BirdNET-Pi A tool designed to run on a Raspberry Pi that uses TFLite to process audio input and listen to bird calls. It was put together by his Patrick McGuire who branched off from Stefan Kah’s project. BirdNET Lite. BirdNET-Pi is optimized for Raspberry Pi and will run on Raspberry Pi 4B, Raspberry Pi 400, Raspberry Pi 3B and even Raspberry Pi Zero 2W.

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