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Raspberry Pi Shoos Away Birds Without Hurting Them

The outdoor pool may be visited by unwanted outdoor guests. A hobbyist found a great way to safely scare away unwanted visitors and keep them permanently at bay. Today I’m sharing a piece put together by a maker and developer called DevMiser that does just that.his raspberry pi-powered bird sweeper Birds perched nearby are frightened, not only harmless, but discouraged from returning in the future.

The project is battery powered so it is completely mobile and does not need to be operated near an electrical outlet. It uses a motion sensor that activates a small dowel stick to swing back and forth to detect the proximity of birds and creatures. This will wipe out unwanted guests, but it won’t do you any harm. Even if you do get close to the stick, it won’t pummel everything in its path, as it’s very small and only driven by servos.

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