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Raspberry Pi Stray Companion Cosplay Plays Music and Makes Faces

It’s no secret that cosplayers are known to use our favorite SBCs. raspberry pi, taking your handmade creations to the next level.we’ve seen it all Game Boy Cosplay with Pi To Raspberry Pi Galactus Mask, But this is my first ever Pi-powered Stray cosplay. Maker and developer his Dawn DuPriest uses a Raspberry Pi to animate his face. stray companions cosplay You can also play music on demand.

The character she is cosplaying is known as “Morasque”. This character is known to play music when she brings sheet music. To bring her cosplay to life, convention attendees give her sheet music for the Pi to recognize with her RFID reader. She then plays the music through speakers built into the guitar prop where she houses the rest of her electronics.

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