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Raspberry Pi Takes Star Trek UI To Red Alert

Not everyone can board a spacecraft operated by Starfleet.Today we are sharing the incredible LCARS interface project It was put together by Rob, also known as meWho_System47 on Twitter James Mitchell To run on our favorite SBC, raspberry pi.

LCARS is an acronym for Star Trek Universe and stands for Library Computer Access/Retrieval System. The user interface design was created by Michael Okuda. A means of conveying complex computer interfaces using a backlit plastic panel. This interface appears on screen throughout the series and is loved by fans for its unique design. This custom LCARS UI project is packed with features for modern Star Trek fans and lets you interact with real-world technology.

In the real world, Rob, who created the System 47 screensaver, shared some features, but you’ll have to see for yourself to dig into the gist of the project. This includes a cross-section known as the Master System Display (MSD) of the USS Cerritos ship seen in the animated series. star trek lower deckUsers can find images from the real James Web Space Telescope (JWST) and interact with a warning system that alerts them to danger.

(Image credit: Rob, meWho_System47)

Anyone can work with a custom LCARS interface on Rob’s website, but Rob and James figured out how to host it on a Raspberry Pi. The duo hooked up the interface to a real LED so that the LED would react when the red alert button was pressed. When the red alert system is activated, the LED will flash and an audible alarm will pulse.

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