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Raspberry Pi Turns Its IQAudio HATs Green

The Raspberry Pi has revamped many of its audio add-ons, replacing the HAT’s previous black PCB with a green one that matches the SBC it’s paired with. There are also some minor layout and connector changes, but other than that the functionality of the board is unchanged.of blog post (opens in new tab)Raspberry Pi maker Eben Upton explained what was going on.

Audio HAT sits on top of Raspberry Pi (opens in new tab) A board with GPIO such as the Raspberry Pi 4 (opens in new tab), connect to its GPIO pins and add high quality amplifiers, DACs and phono outputs. Founded in 2015, IQaudio creates quality sound products for Raspberry Pi boards used for things like streaming audio in stores and other businesses.But absorbed by Raspberry Pi (opens in new tab) 2020.

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