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Raspberry Pi Two-Wheeled Bot Self-Balances Using AI

raspberry pi Robot kits are one of the most fun for beginners and seasoned builders alike. Kits take out a lot of the guesswork, but there’s a lot to do and usually leaves you with a cool, well-tested end product. Today we’re showing you a cool robot kit powered by a Pi. Luwu Dynamics. This robot can use her two wheels to move and self-balance.

According to Luwu Dynamics, the company is integrating artificial intelligence into its operations. As soon as the robot wakes up, it checks its orientation and uses AI to adjust the unit to stand upright. All of this is powered by the Raspberry Pi CM4 module, which is significantly smaller and consumes less power than a regular Pi.

At the time of writing this is still in development, so it’s not fully available yet. However, Luwu Dynamics has already published some videos of the robot in action on Twitter. In one of the demonstrations, you can see the robot driving itself. on the bridge, However, only one of the leg wheels is moving on the platform. The other leg should be perfectly level with the ground below.

(Image credit: Luwu Dynamics, XGO)

We don’t know the price of this robot, but we have a rough idea of ​​when it will be available. Luwu Dynamics has revealed that it aims to release his CM4-powered robot by the fall of this year. In the meantime, follow the updates and hopefully get more demo videos leading up to the release.

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