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Raspberry Pi Updates 1980’s Omnibot with AI and Machine Learning

Nothing beats the nostalgic rush of classic 1980s robots. The world seemed to be buzzing with dreams of how these futuristic electronic beings would be integrated into our society.Well, thanks for this raspberry pi A project by Matt from Viam Robotics has finally completed a new use case for one of the most popular robots of the 80’s, the Tomi Omnibot 2000. This project Omnibot MAIV, Update classic robots with Pi to add new AI-powered capabilities.

Omnibot MAIV harnesses the power of the Raspberry Pi, full of creative possibilities. Matt outlines some possibilities in the tutorial, but you can recreate this project at home and modify it to add your own new features. From AI integration to wireless command, the limits are endless. Or maybe it’s just the number of his GPIOs in reserve for add-ons.

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