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Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Brings Lego Pacman to Life

The world of Lego is, in a word, vast. The company has developed all kinds of kits over the years, from knights to outer space. New, adult-oriented kits are designed to recreate nostalgia objects, and some manufacturers use these as the basis for their construction. That’s exactly what happened with this project created by maker and developer Matt Brailsford (aka). Circuit Beard. Brailsford is no stranger Convert toys into arcade cabinets. This time, he used the Lego Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Kit to convert one of our favorite his SBCs, Pac-Man, into a working arcade-his cabinet that can actually run. Raspberry Pi Zero 2W.

The original kit is like a functional game of Pac-Man. Animate with chain drives and cranks to see your ghostly companions Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde scurrying through a classic maze.of lego pacman arcade cabinet You can buy it for $269 on the official Lego website.

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