Reacceleration in core inflation for Europe

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The latest European economic data released this morning, June 30, confirmed the following pattern: crypto slate We’ve been discussing this for over a year now.

inflation trend

Various signals are coming from the inflation front. Headline inflation continues its downward trend, but core inflation surprisingly reaccelerates.

  • Year-on-year core inflation was reported at 5.4%, slightly above the previous month’s 5.3%.
  • Conversely, headline CPI inflation was 5.5% y/y, slightly lower than the forecast of 5.6%.
Core Inflation: (Source: Trading Economics)

Employment situation

The European labor market appears to remain strong, with the unemployment rate stable at 6.5%. That’s a staggering number that rivals a 25-year low.

Unemployment: (Source: Trading Economics)
Unemployment: (Source: Trading Economics)

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