Review: Dancing With Dictators in David Byrne’s ‘Here Lies Love’

So it’s no wonder that the most expressive element of “Here Lies Love” (although Clint Ramos’ costume moves beautifully) is choreography by Annie B. Parson. Based on small hand gestures and large-scale traffic patterns, it suggests a broader range of human involvement than would otherwise be realized by narrowly focused and possibly mechanical production. increase.

Is it wrong to ask for that involvement more thoroughly? (Or, as Imelda sings, “Is it a sin to love too much?”) For the better part of an uninterrupted 90 minutes, “Here Lies Love” deftly deals with issues, whether it’s artwork, dance or whatever. prefers to be treated as Party — whatever it is. In that sense, it reminds me of Byrne’s Broadway concert “American Utopia,” which also co-starred with Timbers and Person. But without a story, this show needed only sophistication and fun to score points.

“Here Lies Love” bets that charm can complement the story, or rather, charm itself is the story in a show about the dangers of political demagogy. That’s the case when form goes into fire according to function. We are drawn to cultural and political excitement, often in dangerous ways.

Perhaps the irony of making a musical about it would be more intuitive on the dance floor. it was for me in publicAlmost everyone had to stand up and be part of the story, rather than being a bystander to it. (There were only 42 seats.) And perhaps he said ten years from now, our politics are becoming so much like Marcos politics that no one can afford to distance themselves.

Either way, for the first time on Broadway, the material matches the movement so much it reaches the balcony with the gorgeous final song, “God Draws Straight.” Led by Moses Villarama and based on comments made by eyewitnesses to the peaceful revolution of 1986, the moral superiority of the Filipino people, true heroes, by giving them a beautiful voice in the only way a musical can do it. admits gender. It’s okay to clap at the end.

there is love here
at a Broadway theater in Manhattan. herelieslovebroadway.com. Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

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