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RTX 4060 Leaked 3DMark Tests Show 23 Percent Uplift Over RTX 3060 12GB

Nvidia’s GeForce X060 tier cards are usually one of the most popular SKUs, so we’re nervous about the launch of the RTX 4060, purported to be one of the best graphics cards out there. Today, leak-centric video card site VideoCardz announced that it managed to succeed. Get 3DMark Score From the review that is being prepared for the “formal lifting of the embargo on June 28”. We’re sharing extensive comparative scores featuring several neighboring SKUs, allegedly taken from 3DMark Speed ​​Way, Port Royal, Time Spy, and Fire Strike comprehensive tests.

Before we share and discuss some scores, our headline is a clear 23% improvement in generational growth brought by the upcoming RTX 4060 8GB over the established RTX 3060 12GB. It is important to point out that the emphasis is on A relatively recent addition, the RTX 3060 8GB lags far behind the new Ada Lovelace architecture entrants. According to numbers collected by VideoCardz, the new RTX 4060 is reported to be 47.9% faster than the RTX 3060 8GB version. The source also emphasizes that both 8GB cards mentioned have a 128-bit memory bus and a PCIe Express 4.0 8x interface, so they may not be suitable for modern 1440p (2560×1440) games. I’m here.

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