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RTX A500 Pocket GPU Benchmarked, Beats Intel Iris Xe

ADLink’s portable RTX A500 Thunderbolt GPU was recently reviewed and benchmarked. storage review We’ve found that it delivers excellent discrete GPU performance for the applications it was designed for. This pocket-sized discrete GPU, an RTX A500 GPU with 2048 CUDA cores, was found in benchmarks to be nearly 60% faster than integrated graphics solutions such as Intel’s Iris Xe graphics for GPU-accelerated non-gaming tasks such as Luxmark and AI.

Storage Review benchmarked small GPUs from Luxmark Hall, Luxmark Food, and Procyon AI Inference, and found Pocket GPUs to perform well for their intended role. Compared to the Intel Iris Xe iGPU with 96 EUs, the Pocket GPU was 54% faster at 3979 points in Luxmark Hall. In Luxmark Food, the Pocket GPU is 52% faster with a score of 1837 (vs. 869) and 77% faster with a score of 264 (vs. 59) in Procyon AI Inference.

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