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Ryzen Burnouts Force Asus to Add Overclock Warnings to EXPO Features

Asus has added XMP/EXPO warning notices in their latest motherboard BIOS update. Traditionally, these kinds of notifications have been added to warn users of the dangers of overclocking her CPU. However, following the AMD Ryzen burnout incident, Asus has decided to make it very clear that XMP and EXPO are memory overclocking features. Obviously, Asus, in this particular case, Found on HXL on Twitterwe want to do our best to inform customers that overclocking is not covered under warranty.

(Image credit: Asus/HXL)

Pictured above is an example of a notification from a recently updated Asus motherboard. HXL points out that this is his BIOS 1410 on an unspecified Asus motherboard. Key phrases are: XMP/EXPO speed is not guaranteed due to various system variables. The message is that all overclocking, be it CPU or memory, voids warranty coverage.

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