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Samsung DDR5-7200 Memory Chips: Small Dies, Extreme Performance

samsung wednesday Said (opens in new tab) The company has developed a new 16Gb DDR5 memory chip featuring data transfer speeds of up to 7200 MT/s. The new ICs are expected to go into mass production next year using the company’s latest he 12nm DRAM process technology. The company is currently validating its latest memory devices with AMD.

In addition to being faster, Samsung’s 16Gb DDR5 memory chips manufactured using the 12nm node are said to consume up to 23% less power than their predecessors (although in which speed bin is unknown). Since it is about 20% smaller than conventional products, it may be cheaper to manufacture.

Increased bit densities and higher default data transfer speeds mean Samsung’s 12nm DRAM process technology will enable the company to manufacture higher density memory ICs and devices with speeds in excess of 7200 MT/s in the future. To do.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Capable of data transfer at up to 7200 MT/s at nominal voltages, memory chips promise to significantly boost the performance of next-generation PCs and enable them to take advantage of them. These ICs also promise to further push the boundaries of enthusiast DDR5 overclocking, so expect even faster DDR5 modules in 2023 and beyond. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that the company is currently validating their latest DDR5-7200 chips with AMD. This could mean that CPU designers plan to support this speed bin sooner or later.

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