Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Had Surgery for Breast Cancer

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and ex-wife of Prince Andrew, the disgraced son of Queen Elizabeth II, underwent a unilateral mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer, according to a podcast published Monday. said in the episode.

She received her diagnosis following a routine mammogram, she said during an episode of “The Duchess and Sarah Over Tea.” new weekly podcast She hosts with entrepreneur Sarah Thomson. Ferguson did not say when the surgery took place, but said the podcast was recorded the day before it took place. According to the podcast, Ferguson had no symptoms and no lumps were found in her.

“It’s very important to talk about this,” said Ferguson, 63, noting that both his father and stepfather died of cancer.

“I’m telling people that because I want everyone listening to this podcast to get tested,” she said.

The UK’s National Health Service offers routine mammography screenings for women from age 50. In the United States, the United States Preventive Services Task Force, which publishes guidelines on preventive medicine, recommended this year that all women begin routine breast cancer screenings beginning at age 40. The previous recommendation was 50 years.

Ferguson’s surgery was successful and the prognosis is good, a spokesperson said. Associated Press. Ferguson has been discharged from London’s Edward VII Hospital, which has been treating members of the British royal family for many years.

Ferguson has long been associated with the Teenage Cancer Trust, a British organization that aims to help young people with cancer. In 1990, Ms Ferguson opened the group’s first cancer unit in a London hospital, according to the group’s website.

She said her stepfather’s death at age 50 prompted her to become involved in cancer charity work.

Ferguson married Prince Andrew in 1986 at Westminster Abbey in London. They divorced ten years later, but continue to live together in Windsor. They have two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, and three grandchildren.

Ferguson, nicknamed ‘Fergie’, has long been in the spotlight of British newspapers, which detail her weight, love life, divorce and exclusion from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011. have reported. Since then, she’s made her comeback, publishing historical novels and children’s books, and starting her own podcast.

She said on Monday’s episode that her focus has been on getting fit and healthy since her recent diagnosis.

“I can’t help it, I have no more excuses,” she said. “I have to get through this surgery, and I have to be fine and strong.”

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