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Sausage-Style GPU Thermal Paste Application Results in Lowest Temps

The correct way to apply the best thermal paste has been a hotly debated topic among PC enthusiasts since the beginning of PC DIY. Some affirm that the best application method is a central blob, a cross, a line, a more intricate pattern, or spread over the chip like butter on a cracker, Igor Wallossek of Igor’s Lab says GPU rather than CPU He tried to test and demonstrate the best thermal paste application method. Igor found that the best method yields a liquid-cooled GPU that runs 5 degrees Celsius cooler than the least preferred method.

Essentially, Igor’s GPU Repaste Guide, he first talks about how important it is to apply the thermal paste correctly on large GPUs. Smaller GPUs are more forgiving, but larger, more powerful GPUs have uneven surfaces that can warp under tension in the cooling assembly. We recently saw a similar warpage story with elongated Alder Lake CPUs that were thermally improved by using a mounting frame.

Igor also stresses the importance of properly cleaning old thermal paste. He provides a walkthrough of his method, what to watch out for and what not to fuss about.

(Image credit: Alphacool)

Interestingly, Igor claims that using a high viscosity thermal paste is essential due to the “brutal” gap between the GPU and the cooler. As for GPUs, it steadfastly denies popular products like the Arctic MX-2 and MX-4, but has good words for Alphacool Apex and Subzero, or the “old Gelid PC Extreme.”

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