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Seagate Lightsaber FireCuda SSD Review: Return of the FireCuda

The Seagate Lightsaber Collection Special Edition FireCuda is the SSD every Star Wars fan should get. A sleek heatsink and switchable heroic lightsaber faceplate combine with addressable RGB LEDs for an unmistakable look. This could be a showcase for your build, allowing you to control the lighting via software to match your particular aesthetic. The drive itself isn’t anything special, but it’s fast enough for any kind of use, and Seagate’s three-year worry-free data recovery service kicks in, making it a contender for our Best SSD list.

Underneath the Seagate Lightsaber FireCuda (referred to as FireCuda from now on) is basically Seagate’s old FireCuda 530. This drive is known for its excellent performance in sustained workloads and is a high-end PCIe 4.0 SSD with a high endurance (TBW) rating. Seagate’s warranty includes his one attempt at data recovery, and SeaTools software support for the drive. So even if it’s not the fastest, this drive is a safe choice. The challenge is to get it.

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