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SK Hynix 48 GB SODIMMs Hit Retail in China

Listings for 48GB and 24GB DDR5 SODIMMs have been spotted on a popular Chinese online marketplace. IT home It reported that memory modules for notebook computers manufactured by SK Hynix are now listed on Taobao. The 48GB and 24GB modules are priced at CNY 1,180 and CNY 600 respectively, or about $165 and $84. (Please note that the standard VAT rate for retail goods in China is 13%.)

Non-binary DDR5 memory modules were announced some time ago and have become fairly widely available in desktop PCs, but laptop owners haven’t been so lucky. I saw some items in the Mushkin Memory online store last month, but as of this writing, they seem to be out of stock. So it’s good to see big players like SK Hynix selling his 48 GB and 24 GB DDR5 SODIMMs, even if it’s only in China for now.

Laptops are usually limited to two SODIMM slots for memory upgrades or expansions, which unfortunately tend to be one module soldered in. The larger 48GB SODIMM is attractive to those who want to maximize the RAM of laptops and mini PC computers that support non-binary SODIMMs. For example, a machine that could have supported up to 64 GB with both slots populated would now be able to reach the high level of 96 GB of onboard DDR5. Be aware of the device’s explicit support for non-binary memory modules (or testimonials of numerous tech forum users) before purchasing. Some laptops can be very picky about memory support.

(Image credit: ITHome)

From the product sticker on the 48GB DDR5 SODIMM made in China, we can see that these particular modules are rated at DDR5-5600 speeds. ITHome’s source article states that the 24GB module is rated as well.

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