SlateAsia #2 – Taiwan Emerges as Crypto-Friendly Hub in Asia

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  • Jason recently moved to Taipei, Taiwan for his venture capital firm, Sora Ventures.
  • Taiwan’s Advantages as a Base for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies
  • Potential for Experimentation and Innovation in Taiwan’s Blockchain Industry
  • Comparing Taiwan with Singapore and Hong Kong on Regulatory Framework and Potential for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies
  • Potential Challenges Faced by Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Companies in the Future
  • The importance of being in a flexible and open environment that allows exploration and experimentation in the blockchain industry.

Slate Asia Episode 2

In the latest episode of the SlateAsia podcast, co-host Jason Fang talked about his recent move to Taiwan and why he considers it a crypto-friendly environment compared to places like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Jason, who recently moved his venture capital firm to Taiwan, explained that Taiwan’s more flexible regulatory environment was the motivation for the move. Unlike Singapore and Hong Kong, which have strict regulatory frameworks in place for the cryptocurrency industry, Taiwan is still in the early stages of developing that framework. According to Jason, this will allow for greater flexibility and the ability to explore and experiment with new ideas in the blockchain space.

Jason also discussed the current state of the cryptocurrency industry in Asia, highlighting the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the potential for blockchain technology to disrupt various industries. He also stressed the importance of being open to new ideas and being in an environment where you can share those ideas with others in the industry.

In addition to the regulatory environment, Jason cited strong support for Taiwan’s blockchain industry as another factor in his decision to move to Taiwan. The Taiwanese government is actively promoting the development of the industry and has introduced measures to support blockchain startups and entrepreneurs.

Overall, Jason believes that Taiwan offers a unique platform for the growth of the Asian crypto industry and is an attractive destination for blockchain companies looking to expand in the region.

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