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Smuggler Caught With 420 M.2 SSDs Strapped to His Stomach

In the latest crackdown on Chinese customs hardware smuggling, authorities have arrested a hardware smuggler who tried to smuggle 420 M.2 SSDs into China. Customs estimated the value of the confiscated SSD at approximately HK$258,000, or $32,984.94. Perhaps some of these drives are among the best of his SSDs.

Chinese media Hong Kong Economic Commission first discovered the story and reported that smugglers attempted to smuggle illegal goods from Macau to Zhuhai through Gongbei Port. Given the proximity of Macau and Zhuhai, this passage is he one of the most popular trafficking routes for mules. It wasn’t too long ago that a woman hid over 200 Alderlake chips inside a fake silicon belly, or another man tried to take a walk to China with 160 Intel processors taped to his body. do not have.

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