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Sony DualSense Edge Review: A $200 PS5 Controller

When I first reviewed PlayStation 5, said the DualSense controller is “feature-packed.” With the DualSense Edge, Sony has packed even more. Think of this as a Thanksgiving turkey controller. Too much for most people, but it sure is nice.

The DualSense Edge is Sony’s first full-fledged pro controller. Sure, we dabbled in attachments to add a back button, but this adds a lot more.The DualSense Edge includes a pair of mappable back paddles, a replacement It adds an adjustable joystick, adjustable triggers, a long braided cable, a carrying case and more.

A PS5 controller will be $200. It’s half the price of the PS5 Digital Edition and $130 more than the regular DualSense controller.

For most people, this is overkill. But for avid PlayStation players and competitive players who want the best option, the DualSense Edge may prove worth it as long as you don’t forget to charge the battery regularly. .

DualSense Edge Design and Comfort

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The DualSense Edge looked heavy at 280 grams when it first launched. The DualSense Edge is heavier, weighing 322 grams out of the case and set up (Sony didn’t comply with the official spec sheet claims). It feels like a luxury item when you hold it in your hand.

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