‘Sound of Freedom’ Review: In the Land of Child Traffickers

The first half hour or so of this photo is nauseating for several reasons. After announcing that it was based on a true story, “Sound of Freedom” follows the protagonist, Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard, as he arrests a pedophile. Another agent talks about their work, tweeting “the world is a mess” and wondering why they don’t rescue children being sold to traffickers. Ballard, played by Jim Caviezel, gets an idea. He coddles pedophiles and sets up sting operations. This will only give him one child.

This discomfort stems from the contemporary, thriller vibe of police procedural material. they feel inappropriate. In addition, there are scenes in which actual child actors are prepped for provocative photos by adult trimmers. What is the ethics of portrayal here? The filmmakers initially struggled with how to properly tell the story. (It should be noted that the real-life ballad is accused) exaggerate his rescue story. )

“Sound of Freedom” settles into a reverent atmosphere. Bill Camp, who plays the sinner-turned-Samaritan (he gives his best performance in the film), describes his conversion moment to Ballad. He said, “If God commands what to do, he cannot hesitate.” As Ballard’s sense of mission grows, Caviezel becomes more and more saintly. “God’s children are not for sale,” he says in unison. In Columbia, he arranges a more massive stabbing, after which the story diverges into an improbable Heart of Darkness-style river trip. It’s just boring.

Director Alejandro Monteverde has a certain sense of pomp, with some single-point perspective shots and considered resolution.

So it’s hard to tell whether the film’s eschewing of traditionally exciting setpieces is due to thoughtfulness or simply a lack of inspiration. Oddly enough, the painting’s muted tone ultimately undermines its solemn sense of mission.

sound of freedom
Rated PG-13 for theme, violence and language. Running time: 2 hours 11 minutes. at the theater.

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