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Sovol SV06 Review: A Better Clone?

When Sovol launched the SV06, it was called the Prusa Slayer, a clone that mimicked the industry’s OG bed-slinger at a fraction of the cost. Of course, that was before more advanced features were released. Purusa MK4. What does this mean for SV06?

In fact, the SV06 is still a decent and affordable entry-level printer. It’s a mashup of Prusa’s open-source i3 printer with some neat injections of Creality technology. This isn’t all that surprising, as Sovol is built with parts sourced from his Creality nearby. And indeed, it has become an honorable tradition among 3D printing companies to borrow and build on each other’s open source hardware.The only problem is that you have to do the following Find the source and publish the files there too.

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