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SSD Upgraders Take Note, Analysts Expect up to 13% Price Drop During Q3

TrendForce, a high-tech market intelligence company, NAND flash market. According to its latest forecast, the Average Selling Price (ASP) for NAND Flash is expected to decline between 3% and 8% in Q3 2023. But for PC enthusiasts and DIYers, the news is even better. Client SSD prices are expected to fall by 8% to 13% over the same period. In other words, anyone entering the market for PC SSD storage could save an additional 10% or more off current prices, perhaps by waiting a few weeks.

NAND flash chips are key components in products such as PC SSDs, smart devices (UFS and eMMC) and memory cards. Prices for this key storage device component will continue to drop significantly this quarter, according to TrendForce analysts.

As with all market intelligence reports, TrendForce provides the background and rationale for its forecasts. Now, NAND makers are “making a concerted effort to scale back production,” the analyst firm notes. Manufacturers therefore want to create artificial scarcity and drive up the price of NAND. But TrendForce says these efforts are futile and won’t be enough to address the oversupply situation in Q3 2023, even considering the traditional seasonal demand surge expected in the coming months. I think. TrendForce predicts that prices for NAND and NAND-based products will fall.

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A closer look at the segment numbers provided by TrendForce shows that client SSD pricing is likely to improve for customers rather than NAND manufacturers. According to the tabular data, last quarter was a great time for his PC enthusiasts, DIYers and upgraders, with SSD ASP dropping 15% to 20%. If you’re considering a new build or upgrade and you’re not in a rush to complete it, a sustained drop of 8-13% is also worth the wait.

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