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Steam Deck Drops to All-Time Low Price for Top Two Models

With up to 20% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale, Steam Decks are the cheapest ever.

This is the second time Valve is putting Steam Decks on sale (the last time was a flat 10% discount as part of the Steam Spring sale). This time, the amount of money that will be cheaper depending on the model is different.

The cheapest option with 64 GB of eMMC storage is $359.10, the same as last time. Things get even more interesting when the 128GB option is $449.65 (15% off) and the 512GB version with anti-glare screen is $519.20 (a full 20% off). Valve sells Steam Decks directly, so you can use Steam or steam deck website.

Valve set a precedent for slashing Steam Deck prices during a storewide sale, but after the release of the faster AMD-powered Windows-based handheld Asus ROG Ally, this further price slashing is happening quickly. Noteworthy. processor.

Valve’s docking stations are also shrinking. Regular retail price is $89, down to $71.20. This is great savings if you want the official dock, but you can find cheaper third-party alternatives if you look on Amazon.

As usual, the Summer Sale runs through July 13th and includes a ton of games. Games of particular note include: elden ring 30% off ($41.99), sonic frontier 50% off ($29.99), Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered 33% off ($40.19), Hades 50% off ($12.49), Cyberpunk 2077 50% off ($29.99), and power wash simulator 20% off ($19.99).

It’s unlikely Valve will use this sale to wipe out Steam decks for its successors. Earlier this year, a Valve developer suggested that “a true next-gen deck with a significant horsepower boost won’t be years away.”

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