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Steam Deck Gaming: 75% of Tested Games Now Playable or Verified

Game options on Steam Deck continue to improve, with new numbers showing that 75% of games tested were classified as playable or verified. According to figures produced by boiling steamValve tested 13,306 games and found over 10,000 supported on popular handhelds.

When Steam Deck launched, only the most optimistic customers expected it to support the majority of their game library. We pointed out that in February 2022, Valve’s efforts meant reaching the milestone of 500 titles verified and playable. A year and a few months later, we’re still impressed with 10,000 playables and verified numbers.

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The 75% figure above probably doesn’t mean 3/4 of your money, so do your research before investing in a Steam deck. favorite the game would be like this Verified. Previously, we found that many of the most popular Steam games were not classified as playable or verified. However, in the last few months I have noticed that things have changed for the better. hot selling chart. The only Top 10 game not supported by Steam decks at the time of writing is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

There is also many The number of games on Steam that can be considered “junk”. With over 50,000 games available on Steam, many of them are definitely not even worth your time to download. Out of 10,000 verified/playable games, how many have low ratings? It’s a little hard to tell. A better view would be Most Popular Steam Deck Verified Gameswith many sluggers of the last 20 years.

Boiling Steam tried to highlight the acceleration of Steam Deck game verification. In a report on the matter, Valve said its verification program was running faster than ever, and generally included games that weren’t released yet.

(Image credit: Boiling Steam)

The current verification pace is about 3,000 games every six months, according to a graph from a source. However, it’s not all good news for existing and future Steam Deck owners. First, Boiling Steam has observed a continued decline in the cumulative percentage of Steam Deck Verified games compared to titles classified as Playable. Second, as we reported in January, the Steam Deck is starting to show signs of aging in some ways. We noticed that blockbuster titles with demanding hardware specs like A Plague Tale: Requiem reveal the hardware limitations of this popular mobile device.

Verified is better than playable (Image credit: Future)

More recently, there’s been a further disconnect between “verified” titles and expectations. Boiling Steam picked up The Last of Us for achieving a Verified rating after going through a series of patches. Nevertheless, even with the new “potato” settings (very low), the game often struggles to maintain his 30 fps, sources say.

Overall, the enjoyment of Steam Deck games based on the large PC Steam library looks positive. It seems that more and more publishers and developers are taking note of getting their games validated before launch by playing them on Steam Deck-approved machines.

We also note that new pain points in overly demanding games may be addressed by Steam Deck 2 when such devices come along. The Asus Ally is another handheld with significantly higher specs than the Steam Deck. With over 1 million Steam Decks sold today, and 3 million expected to sell by the end of 2023, new models seem inevitable.

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