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The Mystery of the Radeon RX 6000 Mass Extinction Event May Have Been Solved

Earlier this month, there was a widely reported story about a large batch of AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards (all Navi 21 models). These were some of the best graphics cards until the latest generation parts came out.german electronics repair shop (opens in new tab) We received 61 broken or malfunctioning RX 6900 / 6800 family graphics cards and discovered that 48 of them had physical cracks in the GPU silicon. The mysteries about these ruined GPUs may now be solved, and may be due to the dreaded pairing of crypto-mining and high-humidity storage.

Naturally, readers of this AMD GPU silicon cracking news were worried about lovingly caring for RDNA 2 graphics cards as evidenced by this. reddit threadA lot of chatter has focused on the Radeon driver version used by the deceased GPU, pondering whether AMD made some kind of coding error that caused this silicon destruction. tom’s hardware I didn’t report on the original video because there were a lot of ambiguities and lack of clear details. I thought it was batch. It seems we were mostly right.

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