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TSMC Expected to Charge $25,000 per 2nm Wafer

TSMC will raise its estimate per 300mm wafer processed on the N2 (2nm class) manufacturing node in 2025 by almost 25% compared to current estimates for 300mm wafers processed on the N3 (3nm class) manufacturing technology. According to estimates by Ready is the current flagship node. information network Published in looking for alpha.

The Information Network estimates that TSMC’s average selling price per N3 wafer is currently $19,865, up significantly from ASP’s $13,495 per N5 wafer in 2020, when N5 was the company’s most advanced node. Analysts expect TSMC’s N2 will offer performance, power and transistor density improvements over N3, but at an additional cost. The Information Network believes his fee per N2 wafer will be $24,570 when the semiconductor contract manufacturer begins mass production in the second half of 2025, a nearly 25% increase compared to his N3. becomes.

(Image credit: Information Network via SeekingAlpha)

As chips become more sophisticated, contain more transistors, and require higher performance efficiency, they must be manufactured using the latest process technology. But advanced production can only be implemented using state-of-the-art equipment in fabs costing tens of billions of dollars. As such, modern manufacturing processes are very expensive and are likely to become even more expensive in the coming years.

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