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TSMC Kicks Off 3nm Production: A Long Node to Power Leading Chips

TSMC on Thursday “Mass Production and Capacity Expansion Ceremony” at Fab 18 in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP). Fab 18 is where the production of chips using the company’s N3 (3nm class) process technology takes place. The foundry says his 3nm chips in high volume have good yields and the family of N3 technologies will serve customers for years to come.


TSMC reportedly started mass production (HVM) on its N3 manufacturing process in early September. By now, the first batch of chips had been manufactured and tested, so a formal announcement about mass production would usually be made on the foundry’s 3nm-class process, which is suitable for mass production. Designed to indicate that the chip is “good”. For TSMC, N3 is the foundry’s last general-purpose node based on his FinFET transistors, a very important family of process technology as it will be the node that will serve customers for at least a decade. In fact, TSMC says it will use N3 and its successor to build HVM’s “product with a market value of his $1.5 trillion within five years.”

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