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TSMC Postpones Mass Production at Arizona Fab to 2025

TSMC announced Thursday that it will have to delay the start of large-scale production at its Fab 21 in Arizona until 2025. This setback is primarily due to the inability to set up all the necessary cleanroom tools in a timely manner. Due to lack of qualified staff. To fix this, TSMC has deployed about 500 Taiwanese staff with hands-on experience in installing fab tools.

“We are working to improve the situation by sending experienced engineers from Taiwan to train local skilled workers for a short period of time, but the production schedule for N4 process technology will be postponed until 2025. I anticipate.” Said TSMC Chairman Mark Liu during an earnings call with financial analysts and investors. “We face several challenges due to the lack of skilled workers with the necessary expertise to install equipment in semiconductor-grade facilities.”

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