Upstate Art Weekend Is Bigger Than It’s Ever Been

In just three years, Upstate Art Weekend has grown from an informal event. Maps for visiting people in cities Annual festival attended by over 100 people in 10 New York counties. In this weekend’s 4th installment, you’ll be able to take a stroll through the artist’s private studio. poughkeepsie underwear factory, beacon open studio or Newburgh’s Atlas StudioBidding in auctions that support ; New York Abortion Access Fund and noise for now at Kingston.even in preview Borscht Belt Museum Scheduled to open in Ellenville in 2025. And then there’s the performance. on Friday, Hudson Valley Intertribal Noise Symposium Bringing a lineup of Aboriginal sound artists to an idyllic sculpture park. art omiand on Saturday, hosted by the CCS Bard Hessel Museum. outdoor performance To Emily Johnson In conjunction with the program,Indian Theater: Local Performance, Art and Self-Determination Since 1969

As with last year, the New Art Dealers Alliance nice industrial building For the crafty, colorful no-booth art fair currently taking place at Catskill Creek in Catskills, New York Nada Foreland. Although fewer individual exhibitors than the first, the fair expanded its own sponsored presentations and added a community marketplace for vendors selling zines, art editions and even experimental soaps. But the fair as a whole still draws a notable wide range of galleries from upstate, substate and across the country.The embroidery inside is full of dynamism and is eye-catching. Padma Rajendranthe offer is Deanna Evans project; Olivia ZiaThe trompe l’oeil, which folds and unfolds photos, is enchanting. Margot Sammel. Pleasantly colored oil painting silhouette Ryan Steadman displayed as Halsey McKay. and gorgeous ceramics whit harris offer is Dimin.

With many Hudson Valley artists opening their doors this weekend, the sculptor Cathy Ruttenberg Worth a special mention. Her ceramic figurines of near-life-size animals, fairies, and fairy-tale heroines in frozen, intimate moments are thorny and emotional, and hard to get over. Is the woman on her back with two saplings growing from her chest an earth goddess or a murder victim? Is the goat-headed man holding a female tree his lover or his tormentor? The hamlet of Bearsville, New York, Ulster County allows you to take your best guess on these and other questions. Ruttenberg invites visitors to his showroom, which is a former church that is normally closed to the public. (If you can’t get out of town, check out Twilight in the Garden of Hope, an elaborate fountain-cum-primitive-crime depiction. Lyles & King Located in Chinatown. )

Of course, you’ll always have the chance to explore the upstate’s broader gallery scene while traveling up the Hudson River. geary, mother, analog diary, Elijah Wheat Showroom Or in many other places, or in destinations such as: Diabeacon again storm king. (Detail is, upstateartweekend.org,It has been updated map There are also program listings that can be searched by county. )

Upstate Art Weekend

Until July 24th, Hudson, NY, upstateartweekend.org.

Through July 23rd, NADA Foreland, Catskills, NY, newartdealers.org(212) 594-0883.

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