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US Considering Cutting China’s Cloud Computing Access

Reuters report The Biden administration is considering further restricting exports to China after Chinese legislation effectively bottlenecks exports of rare earth metals (gallium and germanium) needed to make semiconductors, the people said. . Except now, this dance is not about exporting hardware or technology. It’s actually about accessing things like: US-based cloud computing capabilities (especially those with artificial intelligence hardware). This is just the latest move in continuously escalating economic and logistical tensions. This has historically driven up the price of hardware components by adding friction to the global supply chain.

After years of poor results from technology export controls imposed by the United States on China, the United States is now embracing another loophole China is using to gain access to the latest and greatest processing power: the cloud.・It seems that you are trying to cut into computing. If you can’t get the latest chips for your own data center, you can always buy access to the chips in the cloud environment. This is exactly the scenario the White House hopes to end by forcing cloud computing providers such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon to seek licenses from the US government to serve Chinese customers. . As always, the U.S. Department of Commerce will oversee the implementation of this additional restriction, which will be implemented in the coming weeks.

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