VP of AAX speaks out against handling of company bankruptcy decision

Hong Kong Exchange AAX vice president Ben Caselin has announced his resignation.

According to reporter Wu Blockchain, screenshots have been released detailing the company’s decision to declare bankruptcy and liquidate. The caveat with this decision was that the employee would only be guaranteed his November salary and users would only be able to get half of their assets from the platform.

In his thread, Caselin said he “put a lot of faith in this interaction” and described the way AAX handled the situation as “unempathetic and overly opaque.”

“People have come to me for help, including my own family, but there is nothing I can do. Everyone is waiting for action. The damage has been done, the brand is gone, the trust is gone.”

Caselin concluded by explaining that he disabled “a lot” of social media because stakeholders reached out to him for a solution.

“…People believe I can solve the problem, but I can’t. This is for the Founders and the Board. please give me.”

AAX Post VP Opposes Handling Bankruptcy Decision of Company First Appeared on CryptoSlate.

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