Watch a Falling-Baby Rescue in ‘The Flash’

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Director Andy Muschietti was looking for a way to evoke conversation in the early scenes of The Flash. He figured a few babies falling from skyscrapers might work.

While narrating one scene from the film, Muschietti said that the script (by Christina Hodson) originally had a volcano scene, but wanted to up the stakes. So in this sequence, Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash (Ezra Miller), arrives a little late at the dire scene of a building collapsing and nine infants and a nurse freefalling.

“I wanted to test his psychic powers,” said Muschietti. “And basically explained that even if you’re the fastest man in the world, it can be hard to save different people at the same time.”

Flash’s problem is compounded by the fact that he hasn’t eaten breakfast and his energy levels are dropping. That is, the Flash slows down and the slow motion that the audience sees in his perspective begins to speed up. The scene where The Flash uses his wits (and maybe a bag of cheese-it) to cut through him is both hilarious and nerve-wracking.

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