Watch Jeffrey Wright Give a Rousing Speech in ‘Asteroid City’

Hi. Wes Anderson. Director of Asteroid City. So this scene is near the beginning of the movie. We met a general who came to town as one of the organizers of a gathering of young astronomers and scientists. It’s like a science fair at Meteor Crater. And this is his opening greeting. The role was written for Jeffrey Wright, whom I’ve worked with before and love. And I thought this character would come out and not only set the stage for this tournament they’re hosting, but it would set the stage for another decade. One of the film’s subtexts is how this halcyon era of the ’50s was filled with anxiety, and how men with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder were coping through their families. Involved. And by the end of the decade, the impact it will have on the next generation will be so great that a complete change will occur. Anyway, that’s pretty much what this short speech is about. “Chapter 1, I walk 29 miles to school every morning. Twice a week I was whipped with a maple switch.That was life.” And it was dazzling to see Jeffrey Wright expand on this scene as it is and perform it with a kind of momentum and a kind of captivating grandeur. On the day of the shoot, I am just a spectator. “That was life. is not a scientist, you are a scientist.Chapter 3 ends.” The way the scene is staged is kind of a complicated rig, as you have to start from a position and then back off. Then Jeffrey comes to us, then Jeffrey goes over here, and we go over there. And Jeffrey goes this way and we go this way. Then Jeffrey goes over here and we move left and right. and push it back again. To do that, you’ll be working with a programmed remote head, such as a technocrane or a telescope. Or use what we use. This is a crazy set of sideways dolly his tracks with sections of tracks that slide over 3 tracks. So you can slide forward, backward, left and right, but this is the key grip he is a very complicated rig invented by Sanjay Sami. “To Dinah Campbell.” “Fueled by cosmic radiation, not sunlight.” “For her work in the field of plant acceleration.” “Unfortunately, it makes all vegetables toxic.” “Red Giant’s Belt of Honor.” We then move on to him and introduce the young people and their achievements, and they each receive a prize. They are then given a series of astronomical, celestial-themed medals, badges, and other types of things. But then we find out what each of these people did. And I think they’re very impressive, you see? I mean, from a real-life perspective, these teenagers did a pretty good job, as these scenes show. [APPLAUSE]

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