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Western Digital 8TB HDD Review: Not Back in Black

WD Black is considered the pinnacle of consumer hard drives, WD blue It’s part of WD’s product stack, but things aren’t always what they seem. This is especially true for storage products that have the same name despite the different types of components. For example, the 8TB WD Black we have for review has less DRAM cache and lower sustained transfer speeds than another version of the drive with the exact same 8TB WD Black name, sticker and branding. The model number is the only way he can tell the difference between the two drives.

Our 8TB WD Black also has a smaller DRAM cache and slower sustained transfer speeds than Seagate’s top-end FireCuda, so we wouldn’t expect it to keep up with competing flagships. However, it is still part of WD’s Black lineup, which has a well-established reputation as a high-performance brand, and is targeted by FireCuda at its current pricing. Not to mention the prominent ‘Gaming’ branding on Black’s product description, this drive is in competition with his faster SSDs.

However, the faster Seagate FireCuda only comes in 4TB and 8TB flavors, while the WD Black offers a wide range of capacities, including a 10TB option, which works in its favor. Still, WD should also keep this drive out of his WD Blue HDD product line in-house. This is a hard drive to beat in terms of value for money.

Let’s see how the black stacks up.


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product Western Digital Black HDD
capacity 8TB
model # WD8002FZWX
Pricing $174.99
Cost per TB $21.87
interface SATA 6Gb/s
form factor 3.5 inches
technology CMR
number of revolutions 7200
Sustained transfer speed Up to 238MB/s
cache 128MB
operating power 8.7W
noise 34dBA
Workload rate limit N/A
guarantee 5 years

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