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Western Digital Red Pro 20TB HDD Review: OptiNAND on a Platter

The 20TB Red Pro comes from WD’s range of NAS hard drives utilizing proprietary OptiNAND technology. This technology combines mechanical and flash storage technologies to deliver high capacity in a conventional magnetic recording (CMR) format that is significantly faster than competing single magnetic recording (SMR) drives. There is still a premium charge for this much space on a single device, but the performance is very predictable. No guarantees to mention, but if you need a lot of storage for continuous transfers, Red Pro can help.

WD uses 9 platters of 2.2 TB each in the 20 TB model, and additional capacity is made possible by storing necessary metadata to on-board flash. WD’s vision is to use Energy Assisted Perpendicular Recording (ePMR) to maintain the benefits of CMR technology while offering the unique benefits of OptiNAND. Many of the new features are only on the 22TB WD Gold for now, and while leveraging flash is a net gain for his WD, it adds complexity compared to Seagate’s solution.


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product WD Red Pro 20TB
capacity 20TB
model # WD201KFGX
Pricing $329.99
Cost per TB $16.50
interface SATA 6Gb/s
form factor 3.5 inch
technology CMR (ePMR), OptiNAND
number of revolutions 7200
Sustained transfer speed Up to 272MBps
cache 512MB
Average read/write power 6.9W
average noise 32dBA
Workload rate limit 300TB/year
MTBF 1 million hours
guarantee 5 years

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