What Will Happen to Your Student Loans Now

Now that the Supreme Court has blocked President Biden’s student loan forgiveness proposal, people with outstanding loans need to be aware of two things in the short term.

First, the pandemic-related suspension of monthly payments will end by September 1, with the first payments scheduled for October.

There is a sliver of hope. The Ministry of Education is introducing a new system to calculate monthly payments. That could save a lot of people from paying. It could also write off the debt sooner under a different regime than the one the Supreme Court disapproved on Friday.

We have published a guide to resuming payments here. The Ministry of Education will announce details soon. “We urge the department to share any plans as soon as possible to ensure financial aid officers are well prepared to help students,” said Justin Draeger, chief executive of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. rice field.

Student loan experts hope the government will provide a safety net for borrowers and give them a grace period of at least three months before they can repay. Therefore, even if the borrower fails to make the payment within that period, the late payment will not be reported to the credit bureaus. But even in September, interest starts accruing, leaving borrowers with even more debt.

There are steps borrowers can take now to avoid such situations altogether. Most borrowers worried that they won’t be able to make their payments in October Income-based repayment planpayments are tied to income and family size.

The Biden administration’s proposed plan could modify an existing income-driven plan, known as “REPAYE,” to cut monthly repayments for millions of borrowers by more than half.Department of Education announced a proposal Final rule (possibly tweaked from original proposal) sent to White House in January for review May 23rd.

This means that we are getting closer to publishing the final version of the plan, which may come out in the coming weeks (you can find a guide to the first proposal here).

But even after the final plans are released, it will be difficult to get it up and running by October. Now that the debt cancellation plan has been blocked, the Biden administration is expected to try to expedite the process and implement the plan in phases. Exactly how close to completion the project is is still unclear, but lawsuits could be filed to try to block it.

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