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Windows 11 Moment 3 Update: Isolated x32 Apps, No RAR Support Yet

Microsoft today announced the deployment of the latest update packages for Windows 11 2H23. Called the Moment 3 update, Microsoft says it packs a lot of quality of life and feature improvements It applies to several areas within Windows, including security support through Microsoft’s Pluton, networking, privacy, and audio processing. The Moment 3 build is now available and rolling out to users via an optional preview update for Windows 11 22H2 on May 24th.

Microsoft’s feed seems to be expandable and collapsible, which doesn’t mean you should be bombarded with news from the Start menu as well. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Most of the Moment 3 updates seem to center around or tell users more at-a-glance information. For example, this update introduces an at-a-glance VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature. In other words, Microsoft has added a shield icon over the user’s active network connection (which appears in the taskbar by default). No shielding means that certain identifiable elements are exposed from your system to the Internet. Widgets overhaul expands user-pinned app layouts and adds options to display personalized feeds for easy access to news and user-pinned widgets. Additionally, if your account needs attention for any reason, you’ll now see a badge notification in the start menu.

Microsoft Moment 3 Press Materials

The Moment 3 update introduces an at-a-glance VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Security will also improve as Microsoft further integrates its cloud security capabilities with the Pluton security processor. For the more discerning, privacy settings in the new app will allow users to manage access to presence sensor information and adjust features like ‘Wake up on approach’ and ‘Lock on departure’.

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