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Windows 95 Java App Runs on Basically Any Platform

Windows 95 was certainly a landmark moment in operating system design, bringing the desktop and[スタート]It brought to the PC many of the features we take for granted today, such as buttons.This week, Microsoft unveiled the latest 22H2 update to Windows 10, giving us a glimpse of what Windows 12 is capable of. (opens in new tab) Windows 95 really was All of which are innovative (or if nostalgia makes your memories rosy).

Slack developer Felix Rieseberg has created a cross-platform Windows 95 running app, now at version 3.1.1. (thanks to beta news to bring this to our attention. )

Yes, you can run Doom.

(Image credit: Felix Rieseberg / Microsoft)

it’s all done by magic electronic (opens in new tab)is an open-source software framework on GitHub used to create desktop apps from web technologies like CSS and JavaScript, which Rieseberg used .exe file (For Windows — Linux and Mac versions are available). It simply runs without installation and pops up the familiar, old-fashioned desktop, opening a welcome message in Notepad.

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