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Windows Copilot AI Assistant Hits Insider Dev Builds

Microsoft officially rolls out new AI assistant Windows Copilot to Windows 11 Insiders today Use Dev Channel Build 23493. The new Assistant was just announced last month and will be available for the most dedicated Windows users to try. According to Microsoft, Windows Copilot will be a controlled feature rollout and you will need to use Windows 11 build 23493 and Edge version 115.0.1901.150 to try new features.

Copilot is, in many ways, the new AI assistant that succeeds Bing Chat Assistant, powered by ChatGPT, now built into Microsoft Edge. Essentially what Microsoft is doing with Windows Copilot is turning the browser-based assistant into a proper desktop application that is fully integrated within the Windows 11 desktop. However, based on the Edge browser’s requirements, Copilot appears to be an Edge-based service that is not (yet) fully integrated into Windows 11.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Once Windows Copilot is enabled, it can be activated by pressing WIN+C or clicking the new Copilot icon in the taskbar. From there, an AI assistant will pop up from the side window and allow you to interact with the application without disturbing your open windows. Like Bing Chat, Windows Copilot allows you to ask questions on any subject or topic and we’ll do our best to answer them satisfactorily.

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