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WormGPT Might Become Hackers’ New Best Imaginary Friend

There is a new custom-trained version of LLM (Large Language Model) out there, and for the worst possible reasons. WormGPT, as named by its creator, is a new conversational tool based on his GPT-J language model, released in 2021. Trained and developed with the sole purpose of creating and deploying black hat coding and tools.. This promises that users will be able to develop top-notch malware at a fraction of the cost (and knowledge) that was previously required. The tool was tested by cybersecurity company SlashNext. who warned in a blog post “Malicious actors are currently creating their own custom modules similar to ChatGPT, but they are easy to use for malicious purposes.” The service is available with a “suitable” monthly subscription You can: 60 euros per month or 550 euros per year. Even hackers seem to love Software as a Service.

According to WormGPT developers, “This project aims to provide an alternative to ChatGPT. This allows for all sorts of illegal activities and makes it easy to sell online in the future. Everything you can think of related to black hats can be done with WormGPT, giving anyone access to malicious activity without leaving the comfort of their home. ”

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