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30TB Portable SSD Hits Walmart For $39 But Stay Away From It

If something sounds too good, it’s not. 30TB portable SSD $39 (opens in new tab) at Walmart. This drive isn’t one of the best SSDs out there, but it deserves to be on everyone’s block list.

twitter user ray edited (opens in new tab) I recently bought a 30TB portable SSD on AliExpress for laughs. This drive retails for his $31.40, but is available at Walmart for a small premium. Aesthetically, the “portable SSD” is a clone of the popular Samsung T5. Chinese knockoffs use text similar to the T5. Although advertised as a USB 3.1 drive, Ray later discovered it was limited to his USB 2.0 speeds. Inside the portable SSD is a small green he PCB (HUB-TF2) with two microSD cards glued to it.

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