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512GB SSDs and Performance Laptop HDDs Hit Price Parity

According to Trendforce, a bean counter for the storage industry, a 512GB SSD is now priced on par with a 500GB HDD for laptops, which is about the same price as a 256GB SSD six months ago. Like many computer components, SSDs were in great demand during the height of the pandemic when the work-from-home trend peaked. Therefore, due to the law of supply and demand, SSD pricing was not high. However, we, who have traveled through 2022, trend force observed a dramatic drop in SSD demand and prices. TrendForce also has other interesting observations and forecasts on SSD market and bit growth, high-capacity SSDs, and laptop connection rates.

The average capacity of consumer SSDs is just over 500GB this year. One of the reasons behind this phenomenon is that the 512GB SSD is about the same price as his 2.5-inch 500GB HDD, which is similar in price to his 256GB SSD six months ago.

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