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Alleged AMD Phoenix 2 Laptop CPU Die Shots Hit the Web

Considering the buzz around AI and the reputation of the 7040 series Phoenix APUs, it was only a matter of time before AMD’s newest additions to take advantage of the latest AI processing cores. Again, AMD seems to have opted to build the highest performing, highest Average Selling Price (ASP) part first. But it was inevitable that AMD would trickle down the Zen 4 + RDNA 3 + XDNA AI Phoenix processing package onto an additional smaller chip.So if leaked photos No matter how you look at it, AMD’s upcoming Phoenix series chips will have significantly lower performance compared to the 7040U that the company announced just two months ago.

of Phoenix 2 is said to be a smaller chip It offers the same feature set as the original at a lower price. However, that price reduction can only be achieved in one direction, by reducing the silicon area dedicated to processing resources while leaving the functionality and design of the chip intact. This move reduced the silicon area of ​​the Phoenix 2 by about 23%, taking the die area from 178 mm2 to just 137 mm2.

(Image credit: Golden Pig Upgrade)

Unfortunately, these reductions can result in significant performance degradation. Phoenix 1 could support up to 8 cores / 16 threads (Zen 4) and 8-12 CUs, while Phoenix 2 seems to go up to 6 cores. Even more significant reductions are expected for GPUs, with only 4 CUs versus up to 12 CUs available for Phoenix.

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