Dr. Susan Love, Surgeon and Breast Health Advocate, Dies at 75

Dr. Love is survived by his wife, Dr. Helen Sperry Cooksey, a surgeon. She married in San Francisco for a short time in 2004 when same-sex marriage was practiced in San Francisco, but then in 2008 a California vote made same-sex marriage illegal. Also surviving from her is her daughter Katie Patton-Lovexie, who was adopted by her mother of two. in 1993 — Dr. Love was his biological mother. Both women raised her from birth. It was the first of its kind given to same-sex couples in Massachusetts. In addition, Dr. Love has two surviving sisters, Christine Adcock and Elizabeth Love, and a brother, Michael James Love.

today about 250,000 new breast cancer cases Diagnosed annually. The disease has a higher survival rate than before, but the cause has not been clearly identified, and Dr. Love’s dream of a preemptive strike has yet to materialize.

It is known as the technology invented by Dr. Love. Duct cleaning, can screen patients for increased risk of breast cancer. Ductal irrigation flushes cells from the ducts, which are often the source of breast cancer, so that the ducts can be analyzed for abnormalities that may indicate an increased risk of breast cancer. However, this technique is cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive, and is not widely used.

Dr. Love’s other books include Dr. Love.Susan Love’s Hormone Book (1997, co-authored with Lindsay), reissued In 2003, “Dr. Susan Love’s Book of Menopause and Hormones.”

If Dr. Love antagonized some of her specialists in the course of her work, even if it was inevitable, it was, in her view, an incidental consequence.

“One of the comments I hold most dear is from one of my colleagues in Boston,” Dr. Love told the Montreal Gazette in 1996. “He always thought of me as a ‘child'”emperor’s new clothesSomeone saying, “Wait a minute, there’s no clothes in there.” And that’s the role I enjoy the most. “

Maia Coleman Contributed to the report.

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