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Alleged Apple M2 Max CPU Benchmarks Leak

Apple’s unannounced but almost certainly authentic M2 Max benchmarks geekbench results (opens in new tab)shows a 12-core processor running at 3.54 GHz and backed by 96 GB of RAM. If Geekbench’s run is accurate, the chip rumored to be used in his upcoming MacBook Pro and Mac Studio models will perform slightly better than the existing M1 Max.

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Geekbench 5 results are for a “Mac14,6” computer running unreleased macOS 13.2 software. Manage 1,853 single-core scores and 13,855 multi-core scores.If accurate, as an 8-core M2 MacBook Pro, this is a bit disappointing hit (opens in new tab) 1,899 on the same single-core benchmark. However, the higher core count of the M2 Max machine gives him an edge in the multi-core rankings, with the M1 scoring him at 8,737 (5,000 points behind). However, all M-class Macs have beaten Intel iMacs since 2020, and his Core i7-10700K in that machine is his 3.8 GHz. score (opens in new tab) 1,250 in single-core tests and 8,157 in multi-core tests.

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