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The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Is a PlayStation VR2 Launch Title

Supermassive Games has revealed that The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR will launch as a day one title on PlayStation VR2 on February 22, 2023.

As reported by euro gamer, developer Supermassive Games has announced the release date and pre-order benefits for Switchback VR. It’s an action-horror shooter set in the same disturbing world as The Man of Medan and other Dark Pictures titles.

according to it playstation store pageCustomers who purchase the title early for $39.99 will receive a number of cosmetic items such as the Demon Handgun, Premium Skull and Bone Cart, Skull Bobblehead, Special Edition Gold Guns, and more.

Switchback VR exposes players to a horror-themed on-rails shooter steeped in content from The Dark Pictures game. Generally speaking, Switchback looks to offer a similar experience to the developer’s 2016 roller coaster spin-off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. This time around, the developer intends to take advantage of his PSVR2’s eye-tracking and haptic feedback features to draw players deeper into the experience.

This latest VR horror shooter is just one of several new games coming out in the next few years from Supermassive Games. Other titles trademarked by the developer include The Craven Man, Intercession, and O Death.

In November, PlayStation revealed that its next-generation VR console will cost $549.99. This includes Sony’s new VR2 headset for him, a pair of PS VR2 controllers, and a set of stereo headphones. It goes without saying that you should also own a PS5 console.

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